The Hackney Stud Book Society was created in 1883, but the breed had been in existence for nearly a century before then. The Hackney Horse is thought to have originated in England from the famous Shales (Schales) Horse who was foaled around 1755, and from him, all Hackney Horses trace their descent. In more recent years, the influence of such stallions as Solitude, Buckley Courage, Hartzett Paddy, and Dufferin Haven has produced the elegant, majestic animals that we know of today. Even though this magnificent breed has temperment, versatility and athleticism, the numbers for the breed are small, boasting only 150 registered Hackney Horses in the United States and less than 2500 worldwide, causing them to be listed as an endangered breed. Our plans here at Silverwood Farm is to produce fine purebred Hackney Horses to work and live along side of their Hackney/Arabian counterparts.

Known best as a carriage horse, the Hackney Horse nevertheless excels at a number of other tasks. The record for the Puissance in England is held at over 8' by a Purebred Hackney Horse, and many are finding this breed suitable such events as open pleasure driving, marathon driving, dressage and jumping, just to name a few. In addition, the Hackney Horse has been crossed with Warmbloods and Draft breeds to produce athletic, pretty horses with an elegance and flair. Look closely at the Canadian Sporthorse and the Dutch Warmblood. Can you see the Hackney Horse influence in these horses at work?

While the Hackney Horse can no doubt add substance, athleticism and motion to many breeds, it is important to remember that their numbers are scarce, and without the Purebred Hackney Horse, the cross-breds would not be possible. We need more people to get involved with this wonderful, kind breed to ensure that they will be there in the future for others to love and enjoy, and any help to this end is greatly appreciated. We are trying to do our part towards the preservation of the Hackney Horse, but are but a drop in the bucket towards reviving an endangered breed. Through devoted efforts of Hackney Horse owners such as Elisabeth Goth, and stalwart breeders such as Bill and Elaine Blaschke, Dr. Kent, and the late Harold Patton, the outlook for the breed looks promising. Silverwood Farm is trying to follow in the footsteps of these great people by taking our own steps to ensure a productive future. We can proudly announce that our foundation mare, MH Chestnut Surprize produced a fabulous purebred Hackney Horse filly for us in the fall of 1998 by Imp. Hallmandale Mister Canada, the sire of the World Reserve Champion Hackney Horse, Canada's Pride, and has also produced and exceptional purebred Hackney Horse colt that we hope will be utilized as a future herd sire by his prospective owners. We hope to have more announcements like this in the future!

For more information on the Hackney Horse breed, our breeding stallion, Celtic Warrior, or our breeding program and foals available, please e-mail us at riden2win@aol.com.