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ACERCATE A MI music video


directed by Joe Knight/Tumbleweed Films


Taylor and Nancy at the theater          Our whole group at the after party           Taylor, Nancy & Joe with the cake

On the set

Day 1 shots on the playground with babysitter "Connie" (Kalena Knox) and mom "Andrea" (Nancy Weyrauch)

Shooting hoops w/castmates "Sean" (Declan Joyce), "Andrea", "Katie" (Heather Witt) and "Vince" (Joe Knight.)

More basketball shots, and a publicity "family" picture with "Andrea" & "Vince".


Another publicity family picture, a bedroom scene with "Vince", and her breakfast scene. She had to eat a LOT of cereal!

Two shots on set with Danny Baldwin who plays the drug dealer, and Tiffany's birthday party scene.

Dancing with Brett the sound man, playing with balloons with "Connie" and playing drums with AD Christian.


The "liver sandwich" scene in the night club, and playing dolls at Vince's house.


A tough stunt scene that went off without a hitch where "Vince" falls into the pool when playing ball with Tiffany.

Taylor's new dad's convertible, and dinner by the pool with "Vince" and "Andrea."


directed by Ivan Gozali, written by Anup Sugunan

Taylor, "Joseph" (Roland) and "Zoe" (Cathy) on the set of Interminal.


directed by Mike Edmonson

Taylor & Alexandra.day1HH.jpg (356625 bytes)  Tay working.day1HH.jpg (578563 bytes)

         Meeting Alexandra                                               Setting up the scene


Walking with Alexandra.day1HH.jpg (114108 bytes)  Following direction.day1HH.jpg (254722 bytes)

Walking on the beach/dream sequence                            Shooting with Jack & Mike

Beach scene.day1HH.jpg (84050 bytes)   HHbeach2.0304.jpg (30342 bytes)

    Director/producer powow                                  Some pics from the dramatic drowning scene

HHbeach3.0304.jpg (34480 bytes) HHbeach.0304.jpg (28289 bytes)

Some more of the dramatic scene. Taylor really had to work at this one! This scene shot in Del Mar.

HHbeach4.0304.jpg (32269 bytes) Tay&Dadbeach2.0304.jpg (33910 bytes)

Some more direction from Mike, and a moment with dad after the work was done.

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