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Check here for behind the scenes and working shots of

my other projects and bookings.

KIDSHELP USA - Aviara Resort, November 2005

Practicing on the stage

   My dress from Oilily         the whole outfit            the Christmas outfit I modeled

HAUTE FOR HEART - San Diego Marriott, March, 2004

RunwayHFH.0304.jpg (30339 bytes) Runway2HFH.0304.jpg (27002 bytes)

The runway at dress rehearsal...

MakeupHFH.0304.jpg (32233 bytes) FinishedproductHFH.0304.jpg (29721 bytes) MothergooseHFH.0304.jpg (36053 bytes)

Getting my makeup done, the final product, and some kid stuff before we get started!

springdressHFH.0304.jpg (31626 bytes)  springdressmodelHFH.0304.jpg (31159 bytes)   HmmHFH.0304.jpg (33889 bytes)

My first pretty outfit, posing for the camera, pondering how to spend my future millions?

weddingHFH.0304.jpg (27160 bytes)  wedding2HFH.0304.jpg (27232 bytes)

Look number two! Wouldn't I make a great flower girl? It's easy to be cute in haute couture!

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