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If you're interested in seeing Celtic Warrior and our other horses for sale in motion, please click on the videos above:

Celtic Warrior is one of the finest examples of a Hackney Horse stallion found in the United States today. His pedigree combines an incredible blend of legendary English lines with strong Canadian breeding.  Already he is proving that his athleticism and motion is no accident. Shown above totally barefoot, it is obvious that Celtic Warrior possesses both the natural movement and beauty necessary to be a highly influential Hackney, Arabian and Sport Horse sire.

Reiltrot1.JPG (12768 bytes)Celtic Warrior is a fine example of the English Hackney Horse in America. He was bred from some of the finest Canadian and English Hackney Horse stock available, and these same bloodlines were instrumental in producing such National Champions as the Half-Arabian English Pleasure horse, GTF Beetlejuice, and multiple British National Champion Hackney Horses. This young, exceptionally talented Hackney Horse stallion is guaranteed to make a huge splash in both the Hackney and Arabian horse markets. Please see pics of his foals below to see for yourself what he can produce. Celtic Warrior is a young stallion to watch for the future!




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sweepslo.gif (8176 bytes)Celtic Warrior is proudly offered to you for your breeding program. We feel so strongly about his potential, that we have nominated Celtic Warrior to the Arabian Breeder's Sweepstakes Sire program, making all of his future Half-Arabian foals eligible for part of this lucrative cash pool.  He will be offered via shipped semen to approved mares.  His 2005 stud fee is $1,200, though we offer significant discounts to those willing to show their foals, breed multiple mares or are interested in breeding Purebred Hackney horses and ponies. Video is available upon request, and we'll have photos up of his foals just as soon as they hit the ground!

NEWS FLASH: Celtic Warrior is now available for purchase to the right breeder. We are cutting back on our herd to focus on our show horses, and reluctantly offer this exceptional stallion to make his mark on future generations in a new breeding program. Please e-mail for details.

Foals by Celtic Warrior

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Black Half/Hackney mare shown at one and three months of age, four years of age with only 10 ounce plates, no pads, and a 3" foot, and at her first show shown by a junior rider. Won the H/A English Pl. JTR. (CW X Victoria's Secret ~ Le Fire daughter)

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PB Hackney Horse colt shown at 2 weeks of age and three years of age. Very large with four whites and a star. Pictured barefoot. We are retaining for our breeding program. (CW X MH Chestnut Surprize ~ Hartzett Paddy bred mare)

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2003 PB Hackney Horse stallion shown at just under three weeks old and at early three years.. VERY tall and substantial with four very high white stockings and a blaze. Pictured barefoot. Is currently offered for sale. (CW X MH Chestnut Surprize)


Four year old Hackney/Arabian cross at her very first show, shown by her amateur rider. Shown with a 3" foot, simple plates, and a single pad. (CW X Victorias Secret ~ Le Fire daughter)

Four year old Hackney/Arabian cross at her very first show, shown by a junior rider and her trainer. Won the Championship in both H/A JTR Country Pl. and H/A Jr. Horse Country Pl. Shown with a 3" foot, simple plates, and a single pad.  (CW X Victorias Secret ~ Le Fire daughter) Offered for sale. Would be a fabulous junior/amateur mount.

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Hackney/Arabian shown at 1 day old. Leggy with four whites and a star. (CW X Khalisha ~ Khemosabi/Gainey bred mare)


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